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Challenge the 9 to 5 Routines with Working Spaces

By September 3, 2018September 28th, 2018Co Working Spaces

We all can get lost in the 9-5 work routine and forget that there is another world out there that does enable you to have flexibility. Yes we have heard about these strange creatures that work 10am (after they have gone to the gym or dropped the kids off to school) but how does it exist and is it still productive?

Everyday people leave their structured 9-5, punch-in-punch-out jobs to pursue their passion in hopes of their careers becoming a fulfilling part of their lives. No longer do you have to pretend to be busy, you can simply be efficient. If it only takes you 4 hours to complete your work for the day, no one is there to judge you for leaving work early. No longer do you have to feel guilty or anxious about leaving in the middle of the day for a dentist appointment. If you need a whole day to focus on one task, no one is there to say you can’t.

Productivity is the driving force behind any industry and if you can ‘tap’ into that perfect productive time you are on a winner. It is important to note that everyone is different and optimal times of performance could be between 5am and 8am or 9pm – 12am. For many people, their productivity peaks between 5 am and 8 am – meaning they often can accomplish a day’s worth of quality work before the rest of the world even wakes up. Other people are night owls and are able to get twice the amount of work done after they’ve enjoyed the day and are unwinding before bed.

What is ironic, however, is that even though so many people fight to break free from the 9-5, and know how and when they personally work best, time and time again they end up falling back into the same routine. Just take a look around your workplace. Do you ever notice how people typically filter in around 9 am and leave around 5 pm?

Before you start, it is important to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are you maximizing your time?
  2. When are you most productive?
  3. What are your personal and professional goals?
  4. Have you fallen into the status quo, 9-5 routine, out of convenience or laziness?
  5. Are you taking advantage of the fact that you have full autonomy over your schedule and lifestyle?
  6. If you could schedule your perfect day, what would it look like?

I understand that the digital nomad poster life of poolside laptops and drinking from coconuts does not work for everyone, but it doesn’t mean your only other option is to sit in a room full of people on their computers from 9-5 either.

Would you like to take a guitar lesson or a yoga class in the middle of the day?

Have you been wanting to go on a ski trip or enjoy the beach but haven’t had the time to get away?

So here we go — Below is a simple 3 step guide that will lead you through this challenge:

Step 1 Set at least one S.M.A.R.T goal in each of the categories below.

S.M.A.R.T stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Based.

  • Travel, Leisure & Lifestyle
  • Skills / Hobbies
  • Financial
  • Education/Career
  • Health/Wellness, and
  • Social Responsibility

There are countless studies out there that prove that those who write their goals down are more likely to accomplish them. So write down your goals, outline a realistic game plan, set a timeline and go! I have personally seen success with this strategy, with specific examples including paying off student debt, buying a condo, surfing in Bali, and running a half marathon.

Step 2 Think about how you can maximize efficiency of achieving these goals

Even better, find correlations between them.

You have a goal of working out for one hour at least 3 times a week, but always seem to run out of time at the end of the day?

Do you also have a goal of waking up at 6 am from Monday to Friday?

It is almost too simple. By waking up at 6 am to workout you will have something to wake up for. Even better, you will get your workout done at the beginning of your day, meaning you won’t run out of time at the end of the day.

The point is, because you have the luxury of choosing your own working hours you then have the freedom to do what makes you feel both accomplished and productive at any point of the day.

If you are someone who thrives professionally between the hours of 9-5, you may find that a change of scenery could make working 8 hours straight more enjoyable.


Step 3 Schedule your days, months and years based on those goals.

Sure you may be sending out emails at 10 o’clock at night, but that will be because you want to, and could also mean that you enjoyed a beautiful day outside.

In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that you schedule your days based on these goals. It is also helpful to physically write them into your calendar in order to keep yourself on track. Schedule in that 6 am meditation or that 4 pm kickboxing class.

Most importantly, do not cancel! Treat these goal dedicated time blocks as meetings or appointments with someone else. What is even worse than being flaky towards a friend or coworker, is being flaky towards yourself.

I can assure you that after taking the three steps above you will feel more in control, more fulfilled, more productive and most importantly, more excited about life!

How will you challenge the 9-5 routine?


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