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Employee 4 reasons why they can work from home

By November 15, 2017Employment

We live in a world where an employee wants to have a better work/life balance by working from home.  This popular topic for discussion may come up at their next performance review. Employers need not fear this conversation rather embrace it with a compromise of course! Below we take a look at just five reasons why letting your employee work from home or in our recommended advice from a satellite office can benefit both the employee and the employer.

2. Employee retention

Today employers have issues with retaining employees. Long commutes, inflexible hours are often leading factors to an employee leaving a company. To improve employee retention you should consider that an employee who works from a satellite office like Working Spaces Moss Vale two to four days a week is generally happier. This in turn means they are less likely to quit – parent with childcare responsibilities are also more likely to continue working for the company if they can work closer to home, as it gives them greater flexibility.

Working closer to home is seen as such as an attractive work perk. Employees who have experienced it are less likely to leave for a firm that doesn’t offer flexible working.

2. Greater productivity

Many people who work closer to home claim to be more productive. Consider the ‘paid time’ that is wasted with employees greeting each other, catching up on the latest gossip or discussing future weekend plans it collectively is an expensive waste of resources.

In a shared space environment an employee can log in either via email or employee portal and then commence work. In a professional work environment they tend not to breach or abuse the benefits of working closer to home as the employee appreciates this benefit. The employer is also able to provide a weekly accountability/list to do for the employee. This will ensure that the employee is meeting their requirements.

3. Reduction in commuting time

Commuting is often stressful and unpleasant. Employees who can work closer to home will also spend less money on petrol or train fares, which may give them less of an incentive to ask for a salary boost to cover travel expenses.

4. Fewer sick days

The growing trend for employees working closer to home is being analysed, it is interesting to note that these employees took fewer days off sick than those based in the office.

In addition, the better work-life balance means workers are less likely to get ill in the first place because their stress levels are typically lower. Employees are generally happier if they can work closer to home thanks to the improved work-life balance.

Contact us today to start your employees new life in a happier place.

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