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Guide to shared spaces and growing your business in WSM.

By January 7, 2019February 5th, 2019Co Working Spaces
shared spaces

Have you thought about shared spaces? A worry most young people have when running a business is the prospect of an office space. There are so many traditional leasing options and for many, it can seem overwhelming and overpriced. However, WSM is here to make your decision easier, with a range of work stations, coworking spaces, and private offices that won’t break the budget. Whether you prefer a quiet environment, a change in scenery, or your own space, WSM is here to help.

If you love working anywhere directly from your laptop, coworking is a perfect fit. If you have minimal office supplies and are always moving around, sharing an office with other likeminded people may appeal to you that’s where shared-spaces is perfect. Instead of trying to concentrate in that busy, noisy café, why don’t you move your operations into your ideal coworking environment. With it increasingly becoming easier to perform all your tasks directly from a laptop, coworking is on the rise.


Work stations or shared-spaces are ideal for the co-worker, offering a range of short or long term options. You are able to book by the day or week, making last minute plans a reality. WSM’s work stations are available 5 days a week, between 8am – 6pm.


Maybe there are several people that make up your business, or maybe you just enjoy the quiet and your own space. Private offices are perfect for this and are a guaranteed office space for your work. Extremely popular amongst designers, writers and programmers, private spaces are quick to set up and are low cost for young people. Feel free to leave your mess and belongings after a long day at work, as this is your own space. The advantages are tremendous, offering innovative amenities, and are available 24/7.

If these options interest you, feel free to contact WSM and we’ll be happy to explore your options!