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Southern Highlands growth

By July 15, 2018July 23rd, 2018Business operations

As the population in capital cities grows to record levels businesses, employees and the semi retired are looking to seek a better lifestyle. The Southern Highlands has always been a popular choice for those originating from Sydney but we are seeing increasingly more people coming from the Southern States as the area delivers the ultimate lifestyle change.

Whether you choose to commute part time to your corporate role in the city by way of local train from either one of the train stations dotted along the Southern Highland’s route or you seek the faster express from Campbelltown (45minutes drive) to Sydney it provides you the opportunity to continue working whilst be commuted to your work location wither in the city or ‘country’ as The Highlands is still known.

In today’s modern world we are so time poor with the expectations of being available 24/7. The opportunity to sit on a train and be able to not only conduct your business but also tend to those personal tasks eg – bills, grocery shopping is the new ‘norm’ for many Southern Highlanders.

Another increasing trend in The Highlands is that of commuters participating in study or up skilling their current qualifications. The daily commute allows individuals to study in a quiet location (all be it moving) and be able to complete potentially 4 hours a day of study. On any morning commute from The Highlands you can meet people who are studying Accounting, their masters in Marketing or Doctorate in Law and they all agree that utilize this time effectively enables them to get off the train at their destination with clear focus and less ‘stress’ for needing to get things done.

In an ideal world you only need to do the commute a couple of days a week. Working from an office space such as Working Spaces allows you to maintain a professional presence that is as organized as your desk sitting in the CBD of the city. At School sports days or the weekend activities you hear many parents now say they are travelling to ‘the city’ two times a week and the remaining is based in The Highlands. When you compare the lifestyle of the current Sydney resident who is either stuck in traffic for over an hour and a half to get to a suburb that is only half an hour away it is a logical decision of individuals to move the The Southern Highlands.

To get the ultimate work/life balance be part of the Working Spaces environment, we have hot desks through to private large offices to suit all needs of our tenants. Contact us today for a tour and see how we can help you.